I can be wrong, but

A wave of protests has gone through USA, Wikipedia went black and US politicians finally woke up, shaken their heads and shelved not just SOPA but also PIPA. I’m not a fan of democracy – but this was the very good side of a democratic system.

Meanwhile in Poland starting from last weekend protests ignited over signing ACTA January 26th, first in the cyberspace with Anonymous taking active part in taking government websites down. Websites that were not hacked were DDoS’ed to hell and so on Sunday 22nd Polish state ceased to exist in the Internet. The first reaction of the government was quite astonishing, the Minister of Digitalization (sic) Michał Boni came out pale on Monday saying how sorry he is, that it was a mistake to push ACTA forward without doing proper public consultations. This didn’t last long as we soon learned that our beloved Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced that Poland will, regardless of anything, sign ACTA. For the sake of clarification, this does not mean that ACTA is live yet, it’s only a first step towards ratification of the law here, it can be still rejected by the parliament or the president (who is from the same party as the government), plus it has to be voted in EU parliament too,  and the powers that be all around Europe slowly (much slower than Americans) wake up as to what is going on.

On 24th and 25th Poles went out to the streets, this has not happened when TAXes were being raised, this has not happen over changes in health care that removed a whole bunch of drug refunds (in some cases sentencing people to death). No, this has happened only over ACTA. Poles love freedom because we either still remember or were taught by parents what it means to not have it. We are being governed by morons.

Clips from protests all across the country:

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  1. Lol yah Poland is a big country with a lot of very outspoken people.

    • It was already signed when I was writing the blog. It still has to go through ratification in our parliament and signed by president and it can still fall in EU parliament.

      Also, EU Court of Justice stated ACTA is in conflict with basic rights card.

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